Photo Galleries: The Birmingham Area

Not in a good spot for a photo given the sun location, I still opt for a shot of CSX grain train G331-01 at Oxmoor (formerly Graces) heading north on the #2 track.

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The Birmingham to Calera local M721-02 passes the MP398.2 defect detector on Main track 1 headed south with a light engine consist.

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Southbound CSX train Q685-02 just crossed over from Main 1 to Main 2 at Parkwood Jct to head down the S&NA South Subdivision. Two standard cab Dash8-40Cs in the lead makes this a treat!

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An NS local waits in the yard at 32nd Street for permission to come out and head back towards Norris Yard in Irondale, AL.

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NS intermodal train 21R rolls up to the 32nd Street interlocking from the East End district. An NS local is also seen waiting in the yard at 32nd Street.

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NS intermodal train 21R rolls up to the 32nd Street interlocking from the East End district. He will be crossing over to the NA/West End district at 27th Street interlocking to head towards Sheffield, AL.

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Northbound Amtrak Crescent #20 heads past the Leeds, AL depot during a meeting of the The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Mid-South Chapter.

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A BNSF intermodal train bound for Atlanta via the CSX, rolls on NS rails between Block Two and 24th Street to get access to CSX trackage. Here the train passes NS control point 2nd Ave.

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An ex-Jefferson Warrior Railroad, now Watco, SW1500 works the plant near Tarrant City on the north east side of Birmingham, AL.

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An east bound NS intermodal train passes the historic Leeds depot on the East End District as they head towards Atlanta. The depot is home to the Mid-South Chapter of the RLHS.

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A BNSF intermodal train with a couple of "War Bonnets" destined for Atlanta, GA gets ready to leave the BNSF Thomas Yard in Birmingham, AL. It will travel on the CSX to get to Atlanta.

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A southbound BNSF/CSX intermodal train from Atlanta gets ready to leave the NS trackage at Block Two that it used to get from CSX back to its home rails on the BNSF Birmingham Sub.

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An unmanned NS coal train sits idle near 2nd Ave under the highway overpasses close to downtown Birmingham, AL.

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An ABC Coke SW1001 works a cut of hoppers at Tarrant City on the north east side of Birmingham, AL.

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A southbound NS train heads towards downtown Birmingham at Block Two.

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This LMS leasing unit helps work a cut of cars at BNSF's Thomas Yard in Birmingham, AL near the Finley area.

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Identified on the Internet as a Baldwin DS44-660, this switcher is on display in the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark museum.

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A Birmingham Southern switcher, most likely an SW1500, works a cut of cars near Ensley, AL on the outskirts of Birmingham.

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The Birmingham Southern is a switching road in Birmingham, AL with what appears to be a sizable roster. Here a pair of BS SW1001s are working a long string of loaded coal hoppers in Birmingham.

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A southbound NS intermodal train prepares to cross the Alabama & Tennessee River (ex-CSX) at 32nd Street near downtown Birmingham.

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A close-up of the turntable in BNSF's Thomas Yard in Birmingham. Thanks for BNSF's Citizens for Rail Security meeting and special agent Bryan Schaffer for making this possible!

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Attendees of the Jan 26, 2008 Citizens for Rail Security meeting check out the turntable in BNSF's Thomas Yard in Birmingham.

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The control tower in Thomas Yard on the BNSF in Birmingham, AL. Special thanks to Bryan Schaffer of the BNSF and Citizens for Rail Security for making this shot possible!

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A GE B40-8W and an EMD six-axle unit rest between duties in the locomotive facility in the BNSF Thomas Yard in Birmingham, AL. This was taken during the Jan 26, 2008 CRS meeting.

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The BNSF has a knack for keeping older equipment running longer than most other class I railroads. Here is a GP7u idling between duties in the BNSF yard in Birmingham, AL during the CRS meeting.

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