Photo Galleries: The Huntsville/Madison Area

An impromptu picture I caught on the way home from work today (6-1-2012) of NS train 325 coming through historic downtown Madison, AL headed westbound. Of course, it clouded up just as it got there!

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Westbound NS train 201 rolls past the Huntsville storage siding in Huntsville, AL.

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NS local train A85 rolls though Belle Mina, AL at a good clip with a single box car (probably to allow them to run track speed).

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The Huntsville and Madison County Railroad keeps this switcher in reserve, probably as a backup for their main unit. It is usually stored near the corner of Bob Wallace and L&N Dr. on a small siding.

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The Huntsville and Madison County operates this switcher which is configured for remote control operation. It is seen here with a cut of cars heading south through Huntsville.

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Here the NARM's Alco S-2 and a short string of passenger cars is on display outside of Huntsville, AL. Check their site out for operation schedules.

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This locomotive is a military version of the Alco RSD-1 that is on display at the Huntsville Depot Museum. The TVA donated the engine to the museum. Special thanks to Jim Sims of The North Alabama Railroad Museum for the information on this unit.

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Here is a shot of the HMCR's lone SW9 with short train of just two cars heading in after a day of switching the south Huntsville, AL industrial area.

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The tri-weekly HMCR switcher heads south with three covered hoppers in tow in Huntsville, AL.

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HMCR 527, an ex-Burlington Northern NW2, seems to be retired, as it is kept stored beside a warehouse, perhaps to be used for parts.

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Here is a pair of Alco switchers on display at the Huntsville Depot Museum. The rear unit appears to be of U.S. Steel heritage.

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It's late afternoon as the crew of Norfolk Southern local freight A85 cruises across highway 20 with a lone SD40-2. This location is on the Madison branch line.

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The late afternoon sun casts long shadows as we continue to follow NS empty coal train westbound as they pass through Paint Rock, AL. This is one of my favorite shots of the day!

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As we continue to follow NS empty coal train 735 eastbound, we catch them heading past this old barn in Gurley, AL just east of Huntsville.

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Bringing up the rear of NS executive train 951 is this theater car. The train is seen heading east through Madison, AL.

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Another shot of Norfolk Southern executive train 951 with a set F-units on the point as the train heads east through downtown Madison, AL!

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Norfolk Southern executive train 951 blasts through downtown Madison, AL with a set of beautifully restored F-units on the point!

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An eastbound Norfolk Southern loaded coal train bound for the Scherer Power Plant near Atlanta, GA passes through Huntsville, AL.

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A high-hood SD40-2 is the sole power for Norfolk Southern train A81 as it works the small yard in Huntsville, AL.

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Norfolk Southern intermodal train 222 heads east at Asa near Gurley, AL. The NS lengthened the siding here in about 2002-2003 to accommodate the longer coal trains to Atlanta, GA.

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Norfolk Southern westbound train 225 puts on a good show as the crew accelerates past the Huntsville storage siding.

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Eastbound empty NS coal train 740 meets it's loaded eastbound counterpart, train 737 at Elko Siding in Huntsville, AL.

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West bound Norfolk Southern coal train Q37 heads through Madison, AL after helping east bound counterpart Q38 with a broken knuckle in Huntsville, AL.

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Norfolk Southern train 462 waits at the east end of Elko siding in Huntsville, AL for a meet with intermodal train I01.

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West bound NS intermodal train I01 eases past the east end of Elko siding to a meet with train 462 in Huntsville, AL.

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