Photo Galleries: The Jasper/Carbon Hill Area

We caught up with NS train 320 on a small fill near Natural Bridge, AL. This is the last time we would catch him before Jasper.

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Our last time to catch NS train 320 was at Jasper as they cross the BNSF diamonds on their way to Birmingham. We were late getting to the crossing and didn't get good lighting.

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Some BNSF EMD local power rests between duties in Jasper, AL.

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Our last train of the day for July 2, 2011 was this northbound BNSF intermodal train, seen here about to cross the NS diamond at North Jasper.

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Three units provide rear end power for southbound BNSF coal train C-NAMPAM as it heads in to Quinton, AL on the BNSF Birmingham Sub.

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Southbound BNSF coal train C-NAMPAM rolls in on track 2 in the small yard at Quinton, AL on the BNSF Birmingham Sub.

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Friends and fellow railfans Darrell Krueger, Mason Bernard and Frank Orona line up to shoot a south bound BNSF coal train at Quinton.

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A pair of BNSF coal trains idle in the small yard in Quinton. This yard is used to stage trains to be sent to the Alabama Power's Plant Miller steam plant in Palos, AL.

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A westbound NS train pounds the BNSF diamond at Jasper, AL on it's way towards Sheffield. It was a dreary day but some good railfanning!

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Another shot of the asphalt operation between Dora and Jasper, AL along the BNSF Birmingham Sub. The steam used to the warm the asphalt makes for a wild scene!

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We found this interesting asphalt operation between Dora and Jasper, AL along the BNSF Birmingham Sub. Steam is used to warm the asphalt so it will flow from the tank cars.

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Thanks to some quick ATCS spotting by Darrell Krueger and Mason Bernard, we were able to catch this southbound BNSF freight near Dora, AL at the mp 706.

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A BNSF coal train waits in the small yard near Quinton, AL. These trains are destined for the Alabama Power Miller Steam Plant near Palos, AL.

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