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Missed the front end but caught the pusher working hard on the back of east bound coal train 734. This is near Oldham, just across the AL/MS state lines.

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Our first of only two trains on our trip to Cowan, TN, 01/29/2011, was south bound Q237 shown here at Sherwood, TN after dropping down the grade over the Cumberland Mountain.

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After the Cowan pushers couple to the rear, this south bound freight blasts through downtown Cowan, TN on its way towards the tunnel in the Cumberland Mountain. Note, the all EMD power on the point of this train!

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The pushers shove hard on the rear of the south bound train as the attack the grade up the Cumberland Mountain.

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After assisting a south bound freight over the Cumberland Mountain, the pushers return to the small yard in Cowan, TN. Today's power for the pusher set is an AC4400 and an ES44AC.

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This is the nice looking depot in Tullahoma, TN, which appears to be used by CSX crews. The power for the Tullahoma switcher, a lone GP38-2 idles outside the depot.

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Here is another shot of the power for the Tullahoma switcher, a CSX GP38-2.

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A night shot of the L&N caboose #100 outside the nicely restored station in Etowah, TN.

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The night before heading out on the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure train, I grabbed this night shot of the station in Etowah, TN.

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Here is our train today for the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure as seen in Etowah, TN.

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The power for our Hiwassee River Rails Adventure train runs around the train just north of Copperhill, TN.

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After running around our train, the power for the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure train couples up and prepares to shove the train the rest of the way in to Copperhill, TN.

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When we arrived in Copperhill, TN, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway train was in town, having come up from the south.

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Here is a close up of the GNRR power on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway train in Copperhill, TN.

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Riders file off the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure train in Copperhill, TN.

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While preparing to depart Copperhill, TN, here is a shot of our power for the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure train.

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Here is a shot of the nicely refurbished station in Etowah, TN. This station houses the Etowah Chamber of Commerce as well as ticket sales for the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure.

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Southbound CSX coal train U466 heads through the yard after getting a fresh crew at Etowah, TN. It was getting dark so this photo is a bit grainy.

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We found this interesting concrete structure in Ooltewah, TN next to the NS main line. It looks like it could be railroad related but we weren't sure what it is or what it's origin was.

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Loaded NS coal train 736 blasts through Ooltewah, TN. The NS double-track splits here at Ooltewah with one line headed north to Knoxville and another headed south to Atlanta. Special thanks to Richard Musgrove for info on this area!

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The pusher brings up the rear of NS train 736 in Ooltewah, TN. Notice the interesting concrete structure behind the engine.

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With Lookout Mountain looming in the background, this CSX freight rolls through the Lookout interlocking towards Wauhatchie Yard in Chattanooga, TN.

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An eastbound NS/BNSF coal train waits to proceed east towards DeButts Yard through the 23rd Street area of Chattanooga. NS and CSX mainlines cross at 23rd Street.

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Another shot of NS train 92G crossing Nickajack Lake while on the CSX Chattanooga Sub. The crew really had this puppy in the wind!

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NS intermodal train 92G blasts along the causeway through Nickajack Lake. This was our last train of the day on the way home 10-12-2008.

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