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Northbound Amtrak Crescent #20 heads past the Leeds, AL depot during a meeting of the The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Mid-South Chapter.

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The northbound Amtrak Crescent, train #20, eases out of the station at Birmingham on the CSX. The train will cross over to Norfolk Southern tracks at the 27th Street interlocking.

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After picking up passengers at Decatur, P913 prepares to head north to Nashville running about 2 hours late.

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Amtrak excursion, P913, slows to a stop in Decatur to pick up passengers.

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Only running about 30 minutes late on the return trip, P913 rolls south back into Decatur at about 7:00pm.

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The west bound Amtrak Sunset Limited, operating on CSX as P001 rolls into Mobile about 20 minutes late.

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