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Southbound CSX train Q201-06 passed the Decatur HO control point before stopping at Oakworth Yard to meet a northbound train.

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After helping the crew of Q647-13 with a mechanical problem, train K809-13 gets under way from Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL with a UP leader.

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After fixing a mechanical problem with the help of the crew from K809, train Q647 gets under way from Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL with a CN leader.

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CSX trains K809-13 on the main (closest) and Q647-13 in the siding wait to head south after Q647's crew gets help with a problem from the mechanical desk.

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Not in a good spot for a photo given the sun location, I still opt for a shot of CSX grain train G331-01 at Oxmoor (formerly Graces) heading north on the #2 track.

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The Birmingham to Calera local M721-02 passes the MP398.2 defect detector on Main track 1 headed south with a light engine consist.

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Southbound CSX train Q685-02 just crossed over from Main 1 to Main 2 at Parkwood Jct to head down the S&NA South Subdivision. Two standard cab Dash8-40Cs in the lead makes this a treat!

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Another shot of southbound auto-rack train CSX Q235 coming off the Tennessee River bridge in Decatur.

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CSX southbound auto-rack train Q235 rolls off the Tennessee River draw-bridge in Decatur past a store of NS maintenance trucks.

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Our only northbound of the day was CSX Q502. The sun was not really in the right spot for this photo but you take what you can!

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Southbound CSX train Q519 rolls through the interlocking with NS as is passes under Alabama State Road 20. Notice the railings on either side made of old rail!

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CSX Office Car Special (OSC) Passes through Decatur, AL with a pair of executive F40PH units on the point.

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CSX Office Car Special (OSC) Passes through Decatur, AL with a pair of executive F40PH units on the point.

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CSX Office Car Special (OSC) Passes through Decatur, AL. Here is the rear observation car.

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While waiting on the NS Penn Central heritage unit, we caught this north bound CSX grain train rolling through the interlocking at Decatur, AL.

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First train of the day for 01/20/2013 is north bound CSX auto-rack train L282-19 shown here pulling in to Oakworth Yard awaiting permission to go north through the NS interlocking and over the Tennessee River.

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Southbound CSX train R208 rolls past the Morgan County Jail in the siding as L282 holds the main in Oakworth Yard.

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Between trains, I caught this shot of some idle power in the yard at Oakworth. These units are used for locals and yard jobs.

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Northbound CSX train Q502-20 crosses a small creek just south of Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL with an ex-Conrail unit in the lead.

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Check out the red marker lights on the ex-Conrail lead unit on Q502 as they cross Moulton St on the way to the NS interlocking.

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The last train of the day Jan 20 was K820-17 shown here slowing down to stop at Oakworth Yard in Decatur to await permission to cross the Tennessee River.

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It's getting dark as a north bound CSX coal train blows through Hayden, AL.

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CSX intermodal train L025 rolls across the Norfolk Southern's drawbridge over the Tennessee River in Decatur, AL.

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CSX southbound general merchandise train, Q519, heads through the interlocking with the NS in Decatur, AL.

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CSX southbound loaded coal train, U100, heads through the interlocking with the NS in Decatur, AL.

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