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A night shot of the L&N caboose #100 outside the nicely restored station in Etowah, TN.

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The night before heading out on the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure train, I grabbed this night shot of the station in Etowah, TN.

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Here is a shot of the nicely refurbished station in Etowah, TN. This station houses the Etowah Chamber of Commerce as well as ticket sales for the Hiwassee River Rails Adventure.

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Here is a photo of the restored L&N depot in Cullman, AL.

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This nicely restored station in Elkmont, Al is now used as a community center. It lies along the ex-L"N/Nashville and Decatur railroad. The roadbed is now a trail suitable for walking or horseback riding.

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Also on display at the Elkmont, AL railroad station is this privately owned caboose, which appears to be of Seaboard Coast Line heritage.

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This overview shot of the station at Elkmont, AL shows the roadbed of the ex-L"N. The roadbed is now a walking or horseback riding trail.

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This nicely painted and restored caboose is on display in Bridgeport, AL near the Bridgeport Area Historical Association museum in the old depot. While this cab is lettered for the NC&StL, I think this is actually an ex-SCL M5.

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A restored GM&O GP35 rests in Frascati Shops near McDuffie Coal Terminal. This unit will soon (as of Sep 2007) be on it's way to the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum. Hopefully, the museum will be able to finish the restoration and get the unit operational!

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Identified on the Internet as a Baldwin DS44-660, this switcher is on display in the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark museum.

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Listed on the Internet as an ex-SCL unit, this caboose is on display in a park on Main St. in Falkville, AL.

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The Louisville and Nashville once had a branch that ran south from Bay Minette to Foley, Alabama. In paying tribute to the L&N, the city has perserved the station along with a couple freight cars and this caboose.

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The Foley, AL depot is listed by the Baldwin County Historic Development Committee as being built in 1905.

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The city of Mobile, Alabama put this static display of an ex-Frisco steam engine, 1527, on display in Langan Park. The park parallels the Illinois Central mainline into Mobile.

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While in Mobile, AL, a photo of this pristine GP35 owned by the GM&OHS would be a must for any Gulf, Mobile and Ohio fan!

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This nicely painted L&N caboose is on display outside the beautifully restored depot in downtown Cullman, AL. I'm not sure if this was ever a paint scheme on the L&N for cabooses, but it is very nice none the less.

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Here is a neat shot of an ex-L&N bay window caboose in Gadsden Yard. The sign reads "We ask a lot, you keep on giving, but please work safe and keep on living. CSX Mobile Division - Gadsden Yard."

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The Alabama Tourist Rail Road and Railroad Museum Site lists this little fellow as ex-SAL 1003, an 0-4-0T. It is in a small fenced in area close to the depot in Montgomery, AL.

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Here is a late afternoon shot of the Stevenson Depot and Museum in Stevenson, AL. Those tracks visible in the foreground are CSX. The NS tracks are on the far side of the depot.

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This beautifully painted NC&StL GE 44-tonner is on display at the Cowan Railroad Museum in Cowan, TN.

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This nicely restored L&N caboose is on display along the CSX main line in Tullahoma, TN. It appears to be a small museum but was closed when we were there.

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