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Rails to nowhere. Found what was left of once busy industrial spur in Decatur, AL. As you can see in the background, trucks now carry the cargo these rails once saw.

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My trusty Yaesu VX-170 helps us know when the trains are coming!

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The tugboat "Paulette K" waits for an opportunity to slip under the drawbridge over the Tennessee River. The railroad has priority at this bridge and the dispatcher controls the bridge tender's ability to operate the draw-span.

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This General Electric 44 ton switcher is now on display at the Cowan Railroad Museum in Cowan, TN. The loco is operational and the hope of the members is to have an operating train in the future.

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Loram's railgrinder number RG301 is seen here in CSX's Oakworth yard in Decatur, AL while it stayed there for about 4 or 5 days for the employees to performed maintenance on the grinder.

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Loram's railgrinder number RG301 is seen here in CSX's Oakworth yard in Decatur, AL while it stayed there for about 4 or 5 days for the employees to performed maintenance on the grinder.

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Here is the caboose on Loram's railgrinder number RG301, which was recently in CSX's Oakworth yard in Decatur, AL.

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Loram's railgrinder number RG301 was recently in CSX's Oakworth yard in Decatur, AL. The unit stayed there for about 4 or 5 days while the employees performed maintenance on the grinder.

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Here is another shot of the power on the PJ grinder. Note what appears to be fire fighting equipment on the front of the unit.

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Here is the "business" portion of the Pandrol Jackson rail grinder. The crew was readying her for another day's work when I, unfortunately, had to go to work.

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Here is a close up shot of the front of the Loram rail grinder as it worked through Decatur, AL on the Norfolk Southern. This might be a good detail shot for the modeler who wishes to kit bash one of these units.

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I caught Loram Rail Grinder RG-17 working through Decatur, AL on the Norfolk Southern. Here the grinder enters NS's Decatur siding.

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After being removed from north bound CSX grain train G258 because the air horn did work on the lead unit, this pair of SOO Line SD60s sit in Oakworth yard in Decatur, AL to be picked up by another train.

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The Sperry Rail Services inspection car 123 spends a day of rest in Huntsville, AL on the NS. Here the old Huntsville freight depot is seen in the background.

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Sperry Rail Services inspection car 126 rolls past Huntsville siding in Huntsville, AL at track speed.

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The Pandrol Jackson grinder appears to have heavily modified EMD F40PHs on both ends for power.

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Pandrol Jackson rail grinder RMS-7 was recently working south on the CSX. The unit tied up in Decatur, AL in CSX's Oakworth yard. I was able to catch a few shots before it started work the next day.

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I caught these shots of a Loram ditcher while the unit was tied up in Hartselle, AL for routine maintenance on a Sunday afternoon. Here is the "train" from the rear showing the caboose and a dump hopper.

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Shutters snap and video cameras roll as south bound CSX train Q647 heads past the Hootenanny!

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We scrambled to cover our cameras and camcorders as Mother Nature delivered us a very brief summer rain shower. As quick as we got stuff covered up, it was over!

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A crowd gathers to photograph and video tape an NS yard job as it comes off the river branch in Decatur.

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Q124 heads past the adoring railfans!

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The Unknown Railfan! Okay, okay, this is not really the unknown railfan, but Bobby Payne of fame cutting up a little in between trains! Be sure to check his site out!

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There was a lull in the action, so I decided to grab this shot of the forming Hootenanny!

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Bring out a box of model trains and videos for sale and watch the railfans gather! That is exactly what one Hootenanny attendee did and it seemed to work!

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