Photo Galleries: The Hartselle/Cullman Area

It's getting dark as a north bound CSX coal train blows through Hayden, AL.

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CSX auto-rack train Q282 heads north over Arkadelphia Road in Hanceville, AL with a pair of standard cabs GEs in the lead, a rare sight nowadays!

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Here is a going away shot of Q647-30 that shows the grade at Vinemont, AL. The crest of the grade lays just out of view and the pusher will drop off once the train gets over the top of the grade.

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Southbound CSX train Q647-30 is seen here at Vinemont, AL struggling up the grade that the railroad refers to as Sand Mountain. There is a single pusher on the rear to help the train.

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Southbound CSX train Q647-30 pulls out of the siding at Hartselle, AL and heads south toward Birmingham.

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A north bound CSX train passes the North Hanceville control point and searchlight signals. Check out the older concrete equipment box at the CP!

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Southbound CSX coal train T101 gets ready to pass the north end of Hanceville siding in Hanceville, AL.

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Northbound CSX train Q282 rolls north between the switches at Hanceville siding near Hanceville, AL.

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Northbound CSX train Q282 rolls north through Hanceville, AL over County Road 91.

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Our last train of the weekend is southbound Q647 in Hartselle, AL. He snuck up us and there wasn't time to get on the proper side. He was really booking when he blasted through Hartselle!

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CSX light engine move X074 makes a short and sweet trip through Hanceville, AL.

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Southbound CSX train Q575 heads through Cullman, AL past the nicely restored L&N depot.

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A northbound CSX train rolls north on the double track at Middle Holmes Gap north of Cullman, AL.

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A northbound CSX grain train, G411, rolls through Hanceville, AL with a single ex-Conrail unit on the point.

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A northbound CSX coal train, T101, blasts through "downtown" Hanceville, AL on the S&NA North Subdivision. It is seen here passing the signals at the north end of Hanceville siding.

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A southbound CSX freight with lease motor on the point heads past the old L&N Freight House in Hartselle, AL. The building now houses a furniture store.

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Listed on the Internet as an ex-SCL unit, this caboose is on display in a park on Main St. in Falkville, AL.

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This nicely painted L&N caboose is on display outside the beautifully restored depot in downtown Cullman, AL. I'm not sure if this was ever a paint scheme on the L&N for cabooses, but it is very nice none the less.

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Here is a photo of the restored L&N depot in Cullman, AL.

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A northbound CSX freight waits for near Tabernacle Road in Hartselle, AL for a meet with a south bound.

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Another late afternoon bit of railfanning finds CSX train Q592-10 rolling north through Hanceville, AL. This picture turned out grainy partly because of some settings I had wrong on my camera. :(

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The power for local train M788 idles in the late afternoon sun in Cullman, AL. Those old GP30s live on if only in the form of a road slug!

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CSX Herzog ballast train W081-11 rolls north through Hanceville, AL. This picture turned out grainy partly because of some settings I had wrong on my camera.

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Northbound CSX train Q688 heads on to the double track at SE (South End) Holmes Gap. The double track extends from about Lacon, AL to just north of Cullman, AL and runs over the Sand Mountain where CSX has a pusher located.

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A southbound CSX freight accelerates past South End Holmes Gap at the north side of Cullman, AL. SE Holmes Gap marks the southern end of the double track between Lacon and Cullman, AL.

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