Photo Galleries: The Huntsville/Madison Area

Norfolk Southern local train A81 working on the branch line that serves various local industries in Madison, AL.

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Norfolk Southern local train A80 heads east along Elko siding in Huntsville, AL.

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This freshly rebuilt switcher is used by the Huntsville International Airport Intermodal Center. It is shown here spotting a cut of well cars.

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East bound Norfolk Southern ballast train 920 rolls through Belle Mina, AL near Mooresville Road. The short siding in the foreground is used by maintenance of way crews to store equipment.

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NS train 163 splits the signals at the east end of Huntsville siding in this early morning shot from Huntsville, AL.

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Norfolk Southern intermodal train 22T rolls past Huntsville siding with a single SD60M on this point. This unit is an ex-Conrail unit that has been renumbered into NS's numbering scheme.

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An NS east bound loaded unit coal train heads through Huntsville siding in Huntsville, AL with an NS SD60, a BNSF C30-7 and an EMD demonstrator on the point.

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An empty west bound NS coal train rolls through the equipment defect detector at Greenbrier, AL west of Madison.

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NS local train T80 rolls through Huntsville, AL with a short train past the Huntsville Siding.

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The International Intermodal Center is located in near the Huntsville/Madison County International Airport and includes a large crane used for loading/unloading containers and trailers on flat cars. Here an SW8 switches cars in the late afternoon.

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The International Intermodal Center's Alco RS1 prepares to pull a cut of cars out to meet NS's local switcher, T89, on a late October afternoon in Madison, AL.

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This colorful lash-up is eastbound NS train 462. It is seen here rolling through the equipment defect detector in Greenbrier, AL. The lead unit appears like it may be a rebuilt GP30 that has had a standard cab put on it.

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NS east bound train 462 rolls past Huntsville siding with a BN U-boat in the lead and three Amtrak F40PHs lending a hand. I guess Amtrak is leasing these units out to power-short roads, as the appearance of these units was common on the NS in early 1999.

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NS coal trains, one loaded-east bound and one empty-west bound, meet near Huntsville at Elko siding. These trains are run in conjunction with the Union Pacific and usually have UP power with an occasional Southern Pacific unit mixed in.

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West bound NS freight W65 rumbles through downtown Madison, AL at track speed on a late summer afternoon.

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Norfolk Southern operated this Operation Lifesaver special in 1999. Here is the OL special, train 955, on it's way through Huntsville, AL. The train had a short delay after stopping at Elko siding to help train X62 with a defective EOT unit.

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An NS local freight delivers the interchange cars to the Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority in Huntsville, AL. Read more about the HMCR on the Shortline Railroads page.

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A Norfolk Southern west bound empty coal train rolls through Madison, AL with a UP unit in the lead.

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After stopping for a red signal, NS train 462 eases past the east end of Elko siding in Huntsville, AL after receiving clearance from the dispatcher.

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NS empty westbound coal train 739 passes the historic depot and museum in downtown Huntsville, AL. See the Museums & Displays page for more info on the Huntsville Depot Museum.

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Sperry Rail Services inspection car 126 rolls past Huntsville siding in Huntsville, AL at track speed.

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The Sperry Rail Services inspection car 123 spends a day of rest in Huntsville, AL on the NS. Here the old Huntsville freight depot is seen in the background.

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In the middle of an NS unit coal train, we find one of the Southern's remote control cars, with an NS C40-9W and a BNSF SD40-2 providing mid-train power through Huntsville, AL.

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NS local train T89 shoves a long cut of cars into the International Intermodal Center, near the Huntsville International Airport in Madison, AL. Read more about the IIC's rail operations on the Industrial Railroads page.

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Norfolk Southern train 462 rumbles past Huntsville Siding with an SD60 on the point and a new Dash9 still in primer in Huntsville, AL.

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