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This beautifully painted NC&StL GE 44-tonner is on display at the Cowan Railroad Museum in Cowan, TN.

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The Walking Horse and Eastern owns this FP7 that is used for excursions during the summer. I am not sure of the status of these excursions.

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Here is an overall shot of the depot at Cowan, TN that shows the short train out front.

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This 2-4-2 is on display as well as an L&N flat car and a caboose to make up a short train in front of the museum at Cowan, TN.

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The Walking Horse and Eastern's NW2 and FP7 are both shown in this shot from Shelbyville, TN.

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Here is another shot of the Walking Horse and Easter NW2 #1585. The WHOE uses this loco for freight service.

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Walking Horse and Eastern FP7, coach and combine car used for excursion operations.

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This 2-4-2 steamer is on display at the Cowan Railroad Museum along with a flat car and caboose.

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Here is an overall shot of the Cowan Railroad Museum along with the other historic displays on the other side of the CSX main line.

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Here is a shot of the very nicely restored station in Cowan, TN. This is now the site of the Cowan Railroad Museum.

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CSX Q282 rounds a large curve in Frankewing, TN just north of Woodrow. This is on the CSX S&NA North subdivision.

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A northbound CSX freight blasts through Frankewing, TN on the S&NA North subdivision. Frankewing is located between Ardmore and Cornersville, TN.

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After meeting a northbound train, CSX Q575 accelerates out of the siding in Cornersville, TN with an AC4400 on the point.

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Here is a shot of the new signals installed at the south end of Chapel Hill siding as well as the realignment of the track here.

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One of the last trains of the day while railfanning 8-18-2007 is northbound CSX train Q584-18. They are seen here between Tantallon and Sherwood on the double track south of the Cumberland Mountain.

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While heading north towards a meet at Chapel Hill, CSX Q684 goes in to emergency near milepost 257.5. The conductor is walking the train looking for the problem.

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The first train we encounter at the new siding at Chapel Hill, TN is Q647 which is in the hole waiting for Q684.

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CSX GP40-2 6042 awaits the next call to duty in Tullahoma, TN. This is on the CSX Chattanooga Subdivision.

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This nicely restored L&N caboose is on display along the CSX main line in Tullahoma, TN. It appears to be a small museum but was closed when we were there.

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CSX ballast train W071-17 heads north on the Chattanooga Sub with a pair of ex-Conrail SD50s on the point.

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The Cowan pusher M298 glides back in to Cowan after helping Q125 over the Cumberland Mountain.

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After assisting a southbound train across Cumberland Mountain, the Cowan pusher, M298, rides off in to the sunset! Okay, they are going back to the pusher shack, but it sounded nice!

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Northbound CSX train Q212-17 blasts through downtown Tullahoma, TN. The local power, a single GP40-2, is visible on the right.

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Southbound CSX train Q125 cruises to a stop in Cowan, TN to allow the pusher engines to couple to the rear. The is seen from Cowan Railroad Museum.

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This General Electric 44 ton switcher is now on display at the Cowan Railroad Museum in Cowan, TN. The loco is operational and the hope of the members is to have an operating train in the future.

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