Photo Galleries: The Florence/Sheffield/Muscle Shoals Area

Here we see NS train 320 as they roll through downtown Haleyville, AL on their way to Birmingham.

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Westbound NS intermodal train 201 blasts past Wheeler siding on its way to Sheffield, AL. Thanks to the conductor for the friendly wave!

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An old caboose of possible Southern heritage provides an office for the crews switching the International Paper plant in Courtland, AL.

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Here is another shot of westbound NS train 17a as it passes Mulberry Creek Rd as seen from Old Lee Highway.

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After stopping to line themselves in to the west end of Wheeler siding, NS local train A82 slowly heads to the east end of the siding to meet train 201.

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Another shot of NS local train A82 as the crew pulls through the spring switch at the east end of Wheeler siding. Gotta love those old high hood motors!

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Leased power used for switching the International Paper plant in Courtland, AL. The unit idles near the small yard at the paper plant while waiting for the next call of duty.

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Freshly painted power from the Tennessee Southern Railroad spends Saturday resting in the Port of Florence, Al. Patriot Rail really has a classy paint scheme.

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Another shot of the freshly painted "geep" from the Tennessee Southern Railroad with the large Port of Florence crane as a backdrop.

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Norfolk Southern train 17Z heads west towards Memphis, TN after passing the siding known as Carlin/Pride on the NS. The large power line towers are from the TVA Colbert steam plant.

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Right on the heels of train 17z, westbound train 17a blows over the crossing at Steam Plant Road west of Tuscumbia, AL on the NS Memphis District West End.

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The Tennessee Southern Railroad operates in to the Port of Florence in Florence, AL. Here a pair of ex-CSX GE units rest between duties. Parts of the port are visible from Chambers and Terrace Streets.

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The Tennessee Southern ventures into Florence, AL and here is some power between duties at the Port of Florence.

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Here is another shot of the EMD switchers used by International Paper in Courtland, AL. The plant is visible from AL Highway 150.

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Operating a former stretch of L&N trackage, the Tennessee Southern comes into the Shoals at the port of Florence. A pair of geeps rest between duties.

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The International Paper Courtland Mill in Courtland, AL utilizes a couple of EMD switchers for intra-plant operations. The units appear to be MP15DC models.

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Westbound Norfolk Southern train 163's crew has "gone on the law" and awaits a replacement in Town Creek, AL. There is also a nice little station in Town Creek that deserves a look if you are in the area.

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Here is a switcher and slug working at the west end of Norfolk Southern's Sheffield yard near the Quad-Cities area of Alabama.

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Norfolk Southern local train T81backs into the International Paper plant in Courtland, AL.

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Here is a Norfolk Southern local backing into the International Paper plant in Courtland, AL.

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Norfolk Southern local train T88 heads east towards Sheffield, AL yard on the double track at Avalon.

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Littleville, AL is located south of the Shoals on the line to Birmingham. Here a north-bound train sits in the siding with it's crew apparently "gone on the law".

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Wheeler siding is the first siding east of NS's Sheffield yard. The crew having apparently reached the end of their work hours, this local sits idle in Wheeler siding near Courtland, AL.

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Norfolk Southern local train T87 rolls onto the double track at Avalon, which runs between Avalon and Tuscumbia, AL.

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NS local T81's crew uses this ex-Southern bay window caboose to help with backing movements near the International Paper plant in Courtland, AL.

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