Photo Galleries: The Stevenson/Bridgeport Area

Equipment bungalows with new signals attached sit next to the NS tracks in Stevenson, AL. Most likely, these will be used to upgrade existing signal installations.

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Two NS trains meet on CSX trackage. Westbound empty coal train 735 meets eastbound intermodal train 22G. With no signs of NS power anywhere, it might be hard to tell whose trains these are!

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We catch CSX loaded coal train V232-04 as they roll in to the TVA Widows Creek Fossil Plant. We found out later that V232 had mid-train power - we should have hung around longer!

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Two NS trains meet on CSX trackage. Westbound empty coal train 735 meets eastbound intermodal train 22G. This shot is a bit too shadowy but still kind of cool.

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East bound NS intermodal train 22G leaves Stevenson in the dust and they head toward Chattanooga on the CSX.

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North bound CSX train Q580-04 waits on the double track near Midway between Stevenson and Bridgeport. Highway 277 skirts along the track for some distance north out of Stevenson.

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A southbound CSX train rolls through a cut on its way towards Nickajack Lake then to Chattanooga. This area is easily railfanned from along Tennessee Highway 156 near South Pittsburg, TN.

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A westbound Norfolk Southern coal train blasts through Stevenson, AL on the CSX Chattanooga Sub. This little overpass on Tennessee Ave can make a nifty place to watch the action on the CSX/NS.

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Westbound NS train 325 rolls across the Tennessee River bridge on CSX trackage. The NS uses CSX Chattanooga Division trackage from Stevenson to near Chattanooga, TN.

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Eastbound Norfolk Southern train 162 waits on the CSX in Bridgeport, AL. The crew is waiting their turn to head over the Tennessee River bridge.

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A northbound CSX train with a Union Pacific EMD on the point blasts through Stevenson, AL and passes the historic depot turned museum.

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In an excellent example of "old meets new", an eastbound NS loaded coal train with a brand new BNSF "GEVO" passes a sibling - the GE 44-tonner on display at the Stevenson station.

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CSX ballast train M048 heads north across the causeway through Nickajack Lake near South Pittsburg, TN. This train is on the CSX J Line which runs from Chattanooga to Nashville, TN and dips in to Alabama.

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Northbound CSX intermodal train Q120 blasts past the station at Stevenson, AL on it's way towards Nashville, TN.

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Northbound CSX grain train G185 crosses the large span over the Tennessee River at Bridgeport, AL.

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The Tennessee Valley Authority operates this SW1500 for switching duties at the Widows Creek Steam Plant between Stevenson and Bridgeport, AL.

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Another switcher at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Widows Creek Steam Plant between Stevenson and Bridgeport, AL is this EMD SW1000.

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A northbound CSX train with an FURX leaser on the point heads through downtown Stevenson, AL.

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A north bound CSX freight eases past the station at Bridgeport, AL. This is one of the few shots I have of a CSX GP38-2 without dynamic brakes.

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A north bound CSX freight rolls past Nickajack Lake north of Bridgeport, AL on the way to Chattanooga, TN. If you look to the right on this photo, you can see the lake.

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A pair of GP40-2s await their next call to duty in the yard at Bridgeport, Alabama.

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Late afternoon finds a yard job working in Bridgeport, AL as two trains pass on the double main-line behind!

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A north bound CSX freight has just entered the double track near downtown Stevenson.

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This stealth gray CSX GP40-2 brings up the rear of a light engine movement at Stevenson, AL. The engines are shown here headed north back onto single track.

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Old meets new as a south bound CSX freight with a modern Dash 8-40C blasts past a little brother in the form of a GE 44-tonner on display at the depot in Stevenson, AL.

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