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CSX southbound grain train, G594, heads through the interlocking with the NS in Decatur, AL.

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CSX auto-rack train Q235 rolls through the interlocking with the Norfolk Southern in Decatur, AL.

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CSX auto-rack train Q282 heads north over Arkadelphia Road in Hanceville, AL with a pair of standard cabs GEs in the lead, a rare sight nowadays!

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Here is a going away shot of Q647-30 that shows the grade at Vinemont, AL. The crest of the grade lays just out of view and the pusher will drop off once the train gets over the top of the grade.

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Southbound CSX train Q647-30 is seen here at Vinemont, AL struggling up the grade that the railroad refers to as Sand Mountain. There is a single pusher on the rear to help the train.

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Southbound CSX train Q647-30 pulls out of the siding at Hartselle, AL and heads south toward Birmingham.

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CSX local train, M781, The Lewisburg (TN) Turn, waits for permission to head north across the Tennessee River with just two hoppers in tow today.

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Here is a close up of GP15-1 1562 in the consist of CSX local M781. This is only the second time I have seen a GP15 unit in this area!

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CSX local train M781 waits for clearance from the NS to head north through the interlocking in Decatur, AL.

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I really flubbed the focus on this shot of CSX train Q220 as it passed under the Gordon St overpass. Not sure if I shook the camera or a passing vehicle caused it. I sharpened it, but it could have been better.

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CSX train Q220's entire train is visible in this photo that also shows an overview of CSX's Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL.

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CSX coal train T081 turns to head south after rolling through the interlocking with the NS in Decatur, AL.

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Southbound CSX train Q235 passes over a small creek just south of Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL. The front of the lead unit blurred a little on this one I think because I had my shutter speed too slow.

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We caught this rare assortment of power in between duties in CSX's Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL. Power includes a couple leased EMD units.

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After their mother/slug power died, the crew of 1st shift CSX yard job Y101, had to go back to Oakworth Yard, get GP38-2 2730 and go back out to the river branch to finish their switching duties.

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Second shift CSX yard job Y201 heads through the interlocking with the NS to go up the river branch to work local industries in Decatur, AL.

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Northbound CSX train L220 passes the old State Bonded Warehouse water tower in Decatur, AL. It is headed towards the interlocking with the NS to cross the Tennessee River.

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CSX Q684 heads north past Loram rail-grinder RG403 at CSX's Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL.

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Loram rail-grinder RG403 was in CSX's Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL on April 8, 2012.

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Loram rail-grinder RG403 was in CSX's Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL on April 8, 2012. Here is a close-up of the main power unit.

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Loram rail-grinder RG403 was in CSX's Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL on April 8, 2012. Here is a close-up of one of the grinding cars.

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CSX southbound train Q519 heads to the south end of Oakworth Yard in Decatur, AL and prepares to set out/pick up cars.

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A cloudy day finds CSX northbound train Q684 splitting the signals at the Oakworth control point with an AC6000 on the point!

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Southbound CSX intermodal train Q025 blasts through the high/wide defect detector in Tanner, AL at the MP299.8.

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Northbound CSX train Q518 sits idle after its crew went "on the law" in the siding at Carey between Athens and Ardmore, AL. This shot was back-lit but I tried to correct it as best I could.

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