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NS intermodal train 22N heads east through the interlocking with CSX in Decatur, AL with an ex-Union Pacific SD60 on the point.

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Norfolk Southern empty west bound coal train 733 rolls through Courtland, AL. This location is known to the railroad as Robertson Jct and there is a spur that splits off to run to the International Paper plant in Courtland.

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An artsy shot of a hopper truck in empty west bound coal train 733 through Courtland, AL.

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A BNSF Heritage painted SD70MAC brings up the rear of empty west bound coal train 733 through Courtland, AL.

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An east bound NS intermodal train passes the historic Leeds depot on the East End District as they head towards Atlanta. The depot is home to the Mid-South Chapter of the RLHS.

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A west bound NS train passes the control point Pride on its way towards Memphis, TN. This is just west of the Tuscumbia, AL area.

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A southbound NS train rolls through the Wilson control point and will turn south on the NA/West End District to head towards Birmingham, AL.

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An unmanned NS coal train sits idle near 2nd Ave under the highway overpasses close to downtown Birmingham, AL.

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A southbound NS train heads towards downtown Birmingham at Block Two.

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Missed the front end but caught the pusher working hard on the back of east bound coal train 734. This is near Oldham, just across the AL/MS state lines.

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West bound NS train 163 heads through the Norala control point. I had parked the Jeep to get a photo and ended up climbing up an embankment and got it in the photo. One of my favorite shots!

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East bound NS intermodal train 22N prepares to enter the double track at Tuscumbia, AL.

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NS loaded coal train 794 East to Chattanooga with SD70ACes 1057 and 1018 on the point with ES-44AC 8107 pushing heads through the interlocking with the CSX in Decatur, AL.

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NS loaded coal train 794 East to Chattanooga with SD70ACes 1057 and 1018 on the point with ES-44AC 8107 pushing heads through the interlocking with the CSX in Decatur, AL.

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Eastbound NS intermodal train 22N blasts through the Irvington control point headed towards Madison, AL to make a set-out.

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Norfolk Southern signals at control point Decatur at sunset. Still trying to learn my DSLR!

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Our first train of the day, 10/02/2011, was Norfolk Southern Alabama Division local train A12 heading eastward in Courtland, AL with just 8 cars in tow.

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On the way to the Quad-Cities area, we found this NS local power tied up at Robertson Jct, where the spur to the International Paper plant (and a few other customers) joins the Memphis District - East End main line. This is my first time catching a road slug!

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Norfolk Southern loaded coal train 734 rolls through downtown Sheffield, AL on the east bound main. Check out the BNSF Executive SD70MAC in the number two position!

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The DPU pusher on loaded coal train 734 rolls across Atlanta Ave in downtown Sheffield, AL on the east bound main.

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Norfolk Southern intermodal train 22N rolls through downtown Sheffield, AL on the east bound main line towards Sheffield Yard.

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Empty coal train, NS 795, waits its turn to head west at Atlanta Ave in downtown Sheffield, AL.

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The DPU pusher shoves hard on the rear of NS coal train 795. 795 is on the west bound main and the east bound main is in the foreground.

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Our last train of the day 10/02/2011 was my favorite: NS train 17A leaves Sheffield Yard heading west with ex-Conrail/LMS leaders in great light! This is at Wilson, the control point on the western most end of Sheffield Yard.

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Norfolk Southern intermodal train I01 heads through the NS/CSX interlocking in Decatur, AL.

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