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A Birmingham Southern switcher, most likely an SW1500, works a cut of cars near Ensley, AL on the outskirts of Birmingham.

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A single Alabama & Gulf Coast EMD delivers a car to the CSX near the Port of Mobile in Mobile, AL.

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The owner of the Sequatchie Valley Railroad also owns the Walking Horse and Eastern in Tennessee. Here, a WHOE lettered EMD switcher is shown in the small SQVR yard in South Pittsburg, TN.

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Here an ex-Conrail switcher helps out on a north bound SQVR freight in South Pittsburg, TN.

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The Sequatchie Valley Railroad operates trackage from Jasper, TN to Bridgeport, AL, where it interchanges with CSX. Here, in the SQVR's home base of South Pittsburg, TN, is an ex-Illinois Terminal switcher with an ex-NS switcher slug.

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Here is a shot of the Redmont Railway's CF7 in Red Bay, AL.

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The Redmont Railway operates from Corinth, MS to Red Bay, AL, 41.5 miles of former Illinois Central track, which was sold to Southern in 1986. NS sold this line to the Mississippi-Alabama Railroad Authority, which leased it to the Redmont Railway.

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Here is a shot of the HMCR's lone SW9 with short train of just two cars heading in after a day of switching the south Huntsville, AL industrial area.

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HMCR 527, an ex-Burlington Northern NW2, seems to be retired, as it is kept stored beside a warehouse, perhaps to be used for parts.

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The Birmingham Southern is a switching road in Birmingham, AL with what appears to be a sizable roster. Here a pair of BS SW1001s are working a long string of loaded coal hoppers in Birmingham.

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The Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway's main engine servicing facility is located at Fountain, Alabama. Here, a trio of GP30Ms await their next call to duty. The A&GC runs from north of Hybart, AL to Pensacola, FL on ex-BNSF trackage.

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A south bound Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway train heads out of the yard at Fountain, AL with a single woodchip hopper in tow. This pciture did not turn out too well, as I was one the wrong side of the train from the sun. Sigh!

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A&F 6094 and 6076 seem to have been retired. They are shown here dead in Andalusia, AL. A roster book lists these units as ex-B&O. The Alabama & Florida runs from Georgiana to Geneva, AL.

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The SQVR seems to have aquired an ex-CSX U18B and a slug. They are shown here still in CSX paint in South Pittsburg, TN.

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The Sequatchie Valley Railroad, based in South Pittsburg, TN, interchanges with CSX at Bridgeport. Here is a north bound train between South Pittsburg, TN and Bridgeport, AL.

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A close up shot of a TASD MP15 working a cut of transfer cars near the state docks in Mobile, AL.

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The Sequatchie Valley Railroad operates a stretch of trackage between Bridgeport, TN and near Jasper, TN. Here is a pair of EMD switchers in the small yard at South Pittsburg, TN.

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The Huntsville and Madison County operates this switcher which is configured for remote control operation. It is seen here with a cut of cars heading south through Huntsville.

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The owner of the Sequatchie Valley Railroad also owns the Walking Horse and Eastern shortline in Tennessee. Here a switcher letter WHOE for the Walking Horse and Eastern sits in the Sequatchie Valley yard in South Pittsburg, TN.

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The Tyson Railroad is really an intraplant switching operation at the Tyson Feed Mill in Ivalee, AL, near Gadsden. Here the Tyson's lone switcher, an SW900, rests between duties.

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Operating a former stretch of L&N trackage, the Tennessee Southern comes into the Shoals at the port of Florence. A pair of geeps rest between duties.

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The Tennessee Southern ventures into Florence, AL and here is some power between duties at the Port of Florence.

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A pair of TASD MP15s appear to be kept at the McDuffie Island Coal Terminal in Mobile, AL for switching. Here a pair rests before the next work call.

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The engine house of The Terminal Railway - Alabama State Docks is shown here near the Alabama State Docks and CSX's Sibert yard in Mobile, AL.

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The only MP15-AC operated by the TASD drags a cut of cars near downtown Mobile, AL.

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