Video Galleries: The Athens/Ardmore Area


CSX auto-rack Train Q235 crosses over from Tennessee to Alabama as it passes through Ardmore, AL/TN on its way south on the CSX S&NA North Subdivision. April 7, 2012

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CSX Q025 rolls though the high/wide equipment defect detector at Tanner, AL. There are high/wide detectors on either side of Decatur, AL where the CSX crosses the Tennessee River on a Norfolk Southern owned bridge. Check out the recording of the defect detector at the end of the video clip.

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South bound CSX train Q205 eases from the siding to the main line after waiting for the passing of a north bound train at South Athens, AL.

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North bound CSX train Q578 blasts through downtown Athens, AL.

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South of Athens, AL near Tanner marks the location for this clip of south bound CSX train Q595, which features ex-Conrail power on the point and an FURX unit bringing up the rear.

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