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On the way home from a meeting of the Mid-South Railway & Locomotive Historical Society in Leeds, AL, we catch this CSX coal train headed north in Hayden, AL in the last light of the day. 11/03/2012

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Northbound CSX auto-rack train Q282 rolls over Arkadelphia Rd in Hanceville, AL. Sorry for the wind noise on this one. I am hoping to get an external microphone in the near future. December 31, 2011.

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CSX Q647-30 grinds up the grade at Vinemont, AL with a single pusher locomotive on the rear. Watch for the very ending of the video where the pusher drops off. If this train had been a little shorter, we would have caught the pusher dropping off on the fly.

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Southbound CSX train Q575 heads through Cullman, AL past the nicely restore L&N depot.

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A northbound CSX coal train, T101, blasts through "downtown" Hanceville, AL on the S&NA North Subdivision. Check out the older concrete signal bungalow!

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A solid covered hopper train, possibly a grain train heads south through Cullman, AL on the S&NA North subdivision.

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CSX light engine move X074 makes a short and sweet trip through Hanceville, AL.

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A northbound CSX grain train rolls through Hanceville, AL with a single ex-Conrail unit on the point. Check out the interesting old road portal near the end of the video.

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Southbound CSX train Q595 struggles up the 2% grade at Sand Mountain near Vinemont, AL. Check out the second unit on this train, the infamous CSX 8888! Also, check out the CAT 'doziers on the rear of the train!

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A short CSX maintenance of way train, M031, rolls up the grade at Sand Mountain near Vinemont, AL.

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The last rays of sun shine on north bound CSX train S592 as it passes through Hancville, AL on the S&NA subdivision.

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More railfanning in the late afternoon! Here we catch north-bound CSX Herzog ballast train, W081-11, rolling through Hanceville, AL. Note the white ex-station building in the clip!

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Railfanning at dusk! The sun is just about to set as we catch north-bound CSX Herzog ballast train south of Falkville, AL. The video is a bit dark and I misspelled Herzog on the intro! HA!

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