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A southbound CSX freight gets a push from the Cowan Pusher crew to get over the Cumberland Mountains. They begin the attack on the grade in downtown Cowan, TN!

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NS intermodal train 92G blasts along the causeway through Nickajack Lake on the CSX Chattanooga Sub. The crew really had this puppy in the wind!

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Northbound CSX train Q212-17 blasts through Tullahoma, TN.

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CSX southbound Q125 rolls in to Cowan, TN. The Cowan pusher, M298, then couples to the rear of Q125 to assist them over Cumberland Mountain.

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Northbound CSX train Q584-18 heads towards the Cumberland Mountain and is shown here between Sherwood and Tantallon on double track.

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Summer in the South! Listen to those dry flies almost drowning out CSX work train W071-17 as seen here between Anderson, TN and Stevenson, AL.

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Southbound CSX train Q609 rolls in to CSX's Goulding Yard in Pensacola, FL. This stretch of CSX trackage runs opposite of the geography. This southbound train is actually running geographic north in to the yard. This was taken from Hollywood Ave near Fairfield Dr in Pensacola.

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