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A northbound CSX coal train, T101, blasts through "downtown" Hanceville, AL on the S&NA North Subdivision. Check out the older concrete signal bungalow!

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A solid covered hopper train, possibly a grain train heads south through Cullman, AL on the S&NA North subdivision.

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CSX light engine move X074 makes a short and sweet trip through Hanceville, AL.

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A northbound CSX train, Q580, rolls over the undulating grades on the CSX Chattanooga Sub. This is in Stevenson, AL.

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A northbound CSX grain train rolls through Hanceville, AL with a single ex-Conrail unit on the point. Check out the interesting old road portal near the end of the video.

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Southbound CSX train Q595 struggles up the 2% grade at Sand Mountain near Vinemont, AL. Check out the second unit on this train, the infamous CSX 8888! Also, check out the CAT 'doziers on the rear of the train!

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A short CSX maintenance of way train, M031, rolls up the grade at Sand Mountain near Vinemont, AL.

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The last rays of sun shine on north bound CSX train S592 as it passes through Hancville, AL on the S&NA subdivision.

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More railfanning in the late afternoon! Here we catch north-bound CSX Herzog ballast train, W081-11, rolling through Hanceville, AL. Note the white ex-station building in the clip!

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Railfanning at dusk! The sun is just about to set as we catch north-bound CSX Herzog ballast train south of Falkville, AL. The video is a bit dark and I misspelled Herzog on the intro! HA!

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Summer in the South! Listen to those dry flies almost drowning out CSX work train W071-17 as seen here between Anderson, TN and Stevenson, AL.

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Our first train of the day for 07-04-2007 was southbound CSX intermodal train Q127. They are shown here about to enter the double track at Stevenson, AL.

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We catch CSX loaded coal train V232-04 as they roll in to the TVA Widows Creek Fossil Plant. We found out later that V232 had mid-train power - we should have hung around longer!

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We catch northbound CSX train Q582 as they head past the historic depot in Stevenson, AL.

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We catch northbound CSX train Q676 as they pass through an area the railroaders refer to as Midway.

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Northbound CSX train Q212-17 blasts through Tullahoma, TN.

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CSX southbound Q125 rolls in to Cowan, TN. The Cowan pusher, M298, then couples to the rear of Q125 to assist them over Cumberland Mountain.

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Northbound CSX train Q584-18 heads towards the Cumberland Mountain and is shown here between Sherwood and Tantallon on double track.

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Southbound CSX train Q609 rolls in to CSX's Goulding Yard in Pensacola, FL. This stretch of CSX trackage runs opposite of the geography. This southbound train is actually running geographic north in to the yard. This was taken from Hollywood Ave near Fairfield Dr in Pensacola.

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CSX northbound grain train, G185, rolls off the Tennessee River bridge in Bridgeport, AL. The old bridge is visible on the right hand side and the towers of the drawbridge are visible in the distance.

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CSX train Q647 cruises back onto CSX trackage after passing through the interlocking at Decatur, AL.

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CSX train S205 heads south through the interlocking in Decatur, AL at 1:57PM during the Spring 2001 Hootenanny.

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CSX coal train T101 heads north through Decatur, AL with an ex-Conrail unit on the point at 11:55AM during the Spring 2001 Hootenanny!

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The first train of the day for me during the 2001 Spring Hootenanny was CSX Local Y103, which delivers interchange cars to the Norfolk Southern. This was at 8:35AM in Decatur, AL.

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South bound CSX train Q647 rolls through Decatur, AL at 3:43PM after waiting for an NS yard job to go out on the river branch. This action was caught during the Spring 2001 Railfan Hootenanny.

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