Video Galleries: Norfolk Southern

Seen during the Spring 2001 Hootenanny, loaded east bound Norfolk Southern coal train Q34 heads through Decatur, AL at 11:25AM.

Video Clip - File Size: 2694 KBytes · Downloads: 11792 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


A west bound Norfolk Southern freight rolls off the Tennessee River bridge and through River Junction in Decatur, AL!

Video Clip - File Size: 4254 KBytes · Downloads: 14623 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


Empty west bound Norfolk Southern coal train, Q35, rolls on the double track towards downtown Sheffield, AL.

Video Clip - File Size: 3112 KBytes · Downloads: 10046 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


Catch this video clip of East-bound loaded Norfolk Southern coal train, Q38, rolls past Wheeler siding east of Sheffield, AL at track speed.

Video Clip - File Size: 2449 KBytes · Downloads: 12578 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


Local Norfolk Southern train T81 heads west through Decatur, AL during the 2000 Fall Hootenanny.

Video Clip - File Size: 2698 KBytes · Downloads: 13215 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


Norfolk Southern local train T87 rolls onto the double track at Avalon, which runs between Avalon and Tuscumbia, AL.

Video Clip - File Size: 4031 KBytes · Downloads: 13086 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


Catch a video clip of NS local train T88 as it rolls on the double track at Avalon towards Sheffield yard near Muscle Shoals, AL!

Video Clip - File Size: 2976 KBytes · Downloads: 13407 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


East bound Norfolk Southern train 22T heads through the interlocking in Decatur, AL during the Fall 2000 Hootenanny!

Video Clip - File Size: 3194 KBytes · Downloads: 35785 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


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