How to set up your own Live Scanner Feed!

Setting up your own live scanner audio feed is a great way to share information and the hobby of scanning with other enthusiasts. It used to be, setting up an Internet audio stream meant configuring text files and installing server software and audio encoding software. Luckily, things have gotten much easier than when I first wrote my tutorial on getting started using Winamp and Shoutcast. While this is still a viable and robust way to go, other software exists now that makes the task of setting up a feed so much easier.

The first thing to decide is how you plan to use/share the stream. If you would like to make the stream available to anyone on the Internet to listen to, I would highly recommend heading over to and signing up to be a live feed broadcaster ( ). It is free and easy to set up. Once your feed is approved, you can download software already configured for your stream! All you do is install and run it - it is that easy! Plus, being on, your feed will be displayed to hundreds or even thousands of visitors every day!

Now, if you plan to run an audio feed just for yourself or a couple people and don't want to make it public, that is still easy to do and certainly easier than it used to be. There are two pieces of software that I can highly recommend for setting up your feed: K1PGV's ScannerCast (which is also the default software of's feed providers) and RadioFeed from Both of these software packages have both the server and encoder functionality built in to a single program to run. No more having to configure two programs and getting them to communicate. K1PGV's ScannerCast is somewhat easier to set up and has a nice tutorial section on how to get started: RadioFeed is not as critical about things like having the Microsoft .NET Framework installed but is not quite as intuitive to configure. Besides their own websites, both software package authors' monitor the forums at, especially the "Streaming / Broadcasting / Audio Recording" forum at

Now, setting up a live scanner feed no longer requires you to be a bit of a computer nerd. Anyone can do it with the simple tools listed above. White quite dated, my original Live Scanner Tutorial using Winamp and Shoutcast is still available in a single page format at the following URL: Please drop me an email and let me know if this information has been helpful! Also, if you decide to set up a feed, send me the details - I would love to give it a listen!


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