Decatur, AL Public Safety Scanner Feed

This feed covers public safety entities in Decatur, AL. The monitored entities include Decatur Police Department, Decatur Fire Department (dispatch only at this time), Decatur Utilities operations (very useful during emergencies such as accidents or weather) and the Morgan County Sheriff Department. The Morgan County EDACS trunked system is also scanned which allows monitoring of Decatur Fire Department, Decatur EMS, Trinity and Pricevile PDs. Talk-groups for Decatur PD and HEAR (ambulance to hospital communications) are locked out but all other TGs are available although the entities listed above are about all I hear on the system.

Here is a list of the currently monitored frequencies:
Frequency: Use:
460.325 MHz Decatur Police Department (Channel 1)
460.450 MHz Decatur Police Department (Channel 2)
451.025 MHz Decatur Utilities Operations
155.070 MHz Morgan County Sheriff Dispatch
453.050 MHz Morgan County Volunteer Fire/EMS Dispatch
VariousMorgan County EDACS trunked system

Decatur PD 10-Codes (opens in new window)

For a comprehensive list of frequencies to monitor in the area, check out the database at

  Listen Live to the Decatur Public Safety Audio Feed

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  Live Feed Radios Installation

The feed radios are located in our garage on a home-built shelf. The radio shelf slides out to allow work on any of the radios, pre-amps, etc. The radios are powered by a DuraComm 13.8VDC power supply and the pre-amps (3 total, 2 for ATCS and 1 for audio) are powered by a 24VDC "wall-wart". From left to right, the radios are:
- Uniden BCT8: Public safety feed
- Motorola VHF Maxtrac: Railroad yard audio feed
- Motorola VHF Maxtrac: Railroad road audio feed
- Motorola UHF Maxtrac: Railroad EOT monitoring
- Motorola 800MHz Maxtrac: Railroad ATCS monitoring
- Motorola 900MHz Maxtrac: Railroad ATCS monitoring
The bottom shelf is spare parts (radios/antennas/power supply) and an uninterruptible power supply.

The server is an Intel D410PT Mini-ITX motherboard with an Atom processor at 1.6 GHz with 1.5GB of DDR2 RAM and a 160GB 2.5" SATA hard disk. It is mounted in an embedded type case and mounted at the top of the wall in our den. The opposite side of this wall is in the garage where the radio equipment is located. The power and USB wiring (for the Griffin iMic USB sound cards) runs through two small holes hidden behind the crown moulding. The cable running along the wall is Ethernet.

Here is a "fall-ish" shot of some of the antennas. They are mounted on 30' of Rohn 20 type tower. With a 10' pole installed at the top of the tower, the base of the top antenna is at about 37' above the ground. The top antenna is a dual-band VHF/UHF Jetstream JTB1 that is used for the Decatur/Morgan County Public Safety Feed as well as the railroad audio feed.

Here is another shot of the antennas at the top of the tower. The two antennas below the dual-bander are a pair of Antenex FG8963 omni-directional antennas in a co-phased configuration spaced 2 wave-lengths apart. These are used for ATCS monitoring.

At about 15' above the ground is this Celwave PD10108-2 yagi. This antenna is also used for ATCS monitoring.

This shot shows where the WBC-400 cables are tied to RG58 cables to come in the house via a hole originally drilled by the cable TV installer. The tower makes a handy place to hang your plants also! :-)

Interested in running your own live audio stream on the Internet? Check out the new tutorial on setting up your own live scanner feed on the Internet!

  Current Radio Shack Schematic


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