Railfanning The Athens/Ardmore Area

Of interest in Athens, AL is a nicely restored station that now houses the L&N Studio, a photo studio that even uses the depot as a backdrop for senior portraits, etc. An L&N freight depot that has been selected to be restored, and an interlocking tower that once stood guard over the connection between the L&N main line and a branch line which was once part of the Nashville and Decatur Railroad also reside in Athens. The branch is still referred to by CSX employees as the old N&D main. Although the branch used to run north and reconnect with the main line close to Brentwood,TN just south of Nashville, it now stops just north of Athens. The portion from Columbia to Pulaski, TN is now used by Tennessee Southern Railroad.

Ardmore, AL is home to one of only four tunnels on the S&NA North Subdivision and sits on the Tennessee-Alabama State lines.

  Useful Scanner Frequencies for The Athens/Ardmore Area

AAR Channel 84 - 161.370 CSX Road
AAR Channel 20 - 160.410 CSX Dispatcher
AAR Channel 77 - 161.265 CSX PBX Falkville and Tanner
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Southbound CSX intermodal train Q025 blasts through the high/wide defect detector in Tanner, AL at the MP299.8.

File Size: 475 KBytes · Downloads: 3798 · Uploaded: May 24,2012


Northbound CSX train Q518 sits idle after its crew went "on the law" in the siding at Carey between Athens and Ardmore, AL. This shot was back-lit but I tried to correct it as best I could.

File Size: 336 KBytes · Downloads: 3719 · Uploaded: May 24,2012


Southbound CSX autorack train Q235 rolls through Ardmore as it crosses over the state lines between Tennessee and Alabama.

File Size: 307 KBytes · Downloads: 3833 · Uploaded: May 24,2012


This nicely restored station in Elkmont, Al is now used as a community center. It lies along the ex-L"N/Nashville and Decatur railroad. The roadbed is now a trail suitable for walking or horseback riding.

File Size: 428 KBytes · Downloads: 5018 · Uploaded: May 11,2008


This overview shot of the station at Elkmont, AL shows the roadbed of the ex-L"N. The roadbed is now a walking or horseback riding trail.

File Size: 404 KBytes · Downloads: 4711 · Uploaded: May 11,2008


Also on display at the Elkmont, AL railroad station is this privately owned caboose, which appears to be of Seaboard Coast Line heritage.

File Size: 359 KBytes · Downloads: 5118 · Uploaded: May 11,2008


With an HLCX leaser on the point, CSX Q578 north strolls past what is left of the interlocking tower than once stood watch over the connections of the N&D and S&NA North subdivisions.

File Size: 448 KBytes · Downloads: 4963 · Uploaded: January 13,2008


Northbound CSX coal train T110 passes the 284 milepost where construction was in progress on a new siding at Carey. The siding was completed in April 2007.

File Size: 303 KBytes · Downloads: 4627 · Uploaded: January 13,2008


A south bound CSX grain train blasts past the new (as of April 2007) siding at Carey between Athens and Ardmore, AL.

File Size: 244 KBytes · Downloads: 4806 · Uploaded: January 13,2008


CSX Q282 rolls through corn fields towards Nashville, TN on the S&NA North Subdivision. This is just north of the new (as of 4-2007) siding at Carey between Athens and Ardmore, AL.

File Size: 376 KBytes · Downloads: 5750 · Uploaded: September 30,2007


CSX intermodal train Q127 heads south through downtown Athens, AL.

File Size: 231 KBytes · Downloads: 4771 · Uploaded: February 19,2007


A northbound CSX freight with a C40-8 on the point heads through downtown Athens, AL.

File Size: 265 KBytes · Downloads: 4734 · Uploaded: February 19,2007


This CSX GP40-2 was used as power on maintenance of way train M042. It is shown tied down here on the old N&D Line in Athens, AL.

File Size: 235 KBytes · Downloads: 4905 · Uploaded: February 19,2007


Considered an SD20-2 by CSX, this rebuilt SD35 awaits the call to be used on a maintenance of way train out of Athens. To my knowledge, all of the units of this model have since be retired by CSX.

File Size: 261 KBytes · Downloads: 5815 · Uploaded: February 19,2007


The local from Decatur, AL to Lewisburg, TN, CSX M781, is seen here headed north through downtown Athens, AL.

File Size: 172 KBytes · Downloads: 6802 · Uploaded: February 12,2007

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CSX auto-rack Train Q235 crosses over from Tennessee to Alabama as it passes through Ardmore, AL/TN on its way south on the CSX S&NA North Subdivision. April 7, 2012

HD Video Clip - Views: 3391 · Uploaded: May 24,2012


CSX Q025 rolls though the high/wide equipment defect detector at Tanner, AL. There are high/wide detectors on either side of Decatur, AL where the CSX crosses the Tennessee River on a Norfolk Southern owned bridge. Check out the recording of the defect detector at the end of the video clip.

HD Video Clip - Views: 4149 · Uploaded: May 24,2012


South of Athens, AL near Tanner marks the location for this clip of south bound CSX train Q595, which features ex-Conrail power on the point and an FURX unit bringing up the rear.

Video Clip - File Size: 2433 KBytes · Downloads: 20034 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


North bound CSX train Q578 blasts through downtown Athens, AL.

Video Clip - File Size: 2753 KBytes · Downloads: 13745 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


South bound CSX train Q205 eases from the siding to the main line after waiting for the passing of a north bound train at South Athens, AL.

Video Clip - File Size: 3494 KBytes · Downloads: 15027 · Uploaded: March 02,2005


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