Railfanning Other Alabama Cities

This page is dedicated to cities in Alabama that I have only a little information about or maybe just a few photographs. As time allows, look for most of these cities to get their own pages. There are tons of great railfanning hotspots in Alabama!

Here are some of the cities I plan to add more coverage of in the future:
The Jasper area
Dothan, AL
The Calera area
Tuscaloosa, AL
The Auburn/Opelika area
Mongomery, AL
The Anniston/Talladega area
Selma, AL
If you know of an area that should be included in this list, please drop me an email!

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An Alabama & Florida unit rests between duties in Andalusia, AL. This engine is an ex-CSX GP16. The Seabord System built the GP16s from GP7s and GP9s.

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A Calera and Shelby switcher, an EMD SW8, rests at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera, AL, south of Birmingham.

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Here is a shot of the Redmont Railway's CF7 in Red Bay, AL.

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The Redmont Railway operates from Corinth, MS to Red Bay, AL, 41.5 miles of former Illinois Central track, which was sold to Southern in 1986. NS sold this line to the Mississippi-Alabama Railroad Authority, which leased it to the Redmont Railway.

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The Alabama Tourist Rail Road and Railroad Museum Site lists this little fellow as ex-SAL 1003, an 0-4-0T. It is in a small fenced in area close to the depot in Montgomery, AL.

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More of the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum's switchers along with a Burlington Northern caboose. These Fairbanks Morse units look like they might be ex-military units or perhaps TVA.

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A photo of one of the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum's switchers.

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One of the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum's switchers is lettered as the "Calera and Shelby". This unit looks like it might be an SW8, but I am not sure. Isn't this a handsome looking unit?

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The Foley, AL depot is listed by the Baldwin County Historic Development Committee as being built in 1905.

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The Louisville and Nashville once had a branch that ran south from Bay Minette to Foley, Alabama. In paying tribute to the L&N, the city has perserved the station along with a couple freight cars and this caboose.

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A&F 6094 and 6076 seem to have been retired. They are shown here dead in Andalusia, AL. A roster book lists these units as ex-B&O. The Alabama & Florida runs from Georgiana to Geneva, AL.

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A south bound Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway train heads out of the yard at Fountain, AL with a single woodchip hopper in tow. This pciture did not turn out too well, as I was one the wrong side of the train from the sun. Sigh!

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The Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway's main engine servicing facility is located at Fountain, Alabama. Here, a trio of GP30Ms await their next call to duty. The A&GC runs from north of Hybart, AL to Pensacola, FL on ex-BNSF trackage.

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Here is a shot of the short train on display at the Alabama Mining Museum in Dora, AL.

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The Alabama Mining Museum is located in Dora, AL. A short train along with mining cars is on display. The museum is near the BNSF Birmingham Subdivision trackage.

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